Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn!

Sorry I’ve been on hiatus, guys. Too much going on (good things!) and I haven’t found the time to write.

Let’s get personal.

As a Kuwaiti female who dates and deals with the stresses of everyday life, sometimes you just want to unwind. With or without your significant other. (This goes for men too, by the way, but I’m a woman so I’ll write from my perspective.)
There aren’t any places to my knowledge where I can hang out in a bathrobe, order room service, watch trash TV, and run a hot bath while listening to my favorite songs. With or without my significant other.

Booking a hotel room for some privacy and intimate time feels like one of the hardest missions in Kuwait. Why is that? I get society’s whole we-can’t-sleep-together thing, but what if we just want a quiet place to relax where we can guarantee that we won’t be interrupted, stared at, or arrested? What if we just want to cuddle in our sweats and eat pizza? Where do we go?

I once dated someone, and it was so serious that my parents were fine with him coming over for lunch or dinner, or coming by to watch a movie and hang out on the couch. It was wonderful, but after our relationship went sour, I realized that it was best to never let that happen again.

Other relationships I’ve been in have been nothing more than a hunt for a place to hang out, since sometimes we aren’t in the mood to go out to eat or drive around.

How do you go about spending private time with your boyfriend/girlfriend?


14 thoughts on “Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn!

  1. First of all, I love your blog and your attitude/outlook. My foreign BFF and I both date Kuwaiti men and she often tells me, “Hey – this doesn’t just happen to us, it happens to the Kuwaiti girls too!” and I just think she’s BS-ing me. But since I started reading your blog, I know she’s right! (Sorry, I am empathizing with you, not poking fun at you.)

    Anyways, in response to this post: I have my own apartment and once I get to know someone (and only then – IF he makes it that far), then I’ll usually invite him over. But what I really hate are the standard questions, “Do you live alone?” Which translates to, “I want to come over and git neked.”

    I lie and tell him (whoever “him” is who is asking – usually immediately even before the first date!) that I live with my brothers and my dad, who all work for the military. My (make-believe) brothers are K-9 trainers and my (make-believe) dad specializes in hand-to-hand combat.

    Then I ask, “Why don’t we just go to your house? I would love to meet your mom?”


    • Hahaha! Indeed, it happens to us! It sucks because we have to plot and scheme just to get a couple of hours of alone-time! Thank you so much for being supportive and wonderful!

      My ex and I used to sneak into him home when his parents were out of the country. It felt awful, but it was our only option. There was no way he’d introduce me to his mother; she would have a heart attack! LOL!

      Having your own place could seem like a blessing and a curse when you’re dating. It’s great to have some private alone-time, but I feel like some men can take it one step too far. Good on you for fibbing about your dad and brothers! Nothing scares a Kuwaiti man more than mentioning family! LOL!


  2. Ali says:

    Haha I had a feeling you were gonna react to 248am mentioning your absence!

    It is a drag to find a private place to spend some time with someone special but luckily my apartment building allows guests into their facilities such as swimming pool area and others so that is a nice place if the weather is good. Alternatively, you could go hang at a friend’s place or get your own if you 2 are really serious. There’s also the out stretched option of booking a day in Bahrain or Dubai. It’s hectic but I’ve done it


    • I’ve done the whole traveling-for-a-day thing too, but it is pretty hectic and takes so much energy out of the fun we could be having together!

      Lucky you! An evening dip in the pool on a warm summer night or a cozy cuddle under the stars on a chilly winter evening; I hope you’re making plans with your lady!


  3. Hey. Bit of an off topic here. I am new to the dating game here in Kuwait. For starters, I clueless as to where I should go in order to meet women looking to date. I don’t want to create any unnecessary problems for myself ie get beaten up by a family member.


  4. Hessah says:

    I’m sorry that you feel constrained by our society rules. These rules stemmed from our Islamic belief and there is nothing wrong to abide by such rules.
    In this age , it terrifies me to see girls and women who resort to some the above mentioned examples in order to spend “quality” with another man. Please excuse me for sounding like a judgmental woman but I just want to wish you happiness !


    • While I appreciate your comment and concern, it is not your place to define what happiness means to other people. Our religious beliefs are our religious beliefs; our own personal relationship with God. There is no cookie-cutter definition of what a good Muslim is. This is a judgement-free blog. Live and let live, love and let love.


  5. If I could “like” your last comment more than once, I would!

    Usually when people are afraid of something, it is because they don’t understand it. We are all sisters on the Earth and we should all be more supportive, compassionate, and understanding/tolerant of each other. Your (speaking generally) way of life may not be mine, but it doesn’t me or you any better or worse than another person. God created us all differently with different perspectives.


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