When It All Began:

I started dating when I was 15. It may seem like a young age to start, but when you’re in high school and your friends cancel weekend plans because their boyfriends are taking them to a bowling alley and dinner, you have to rethink your values. Luckily, my first boyfriend was the pick of the litter.

He attended our “rival” school, but it didn’t matter that he didn’t get to walk me to class. He was tall, incredibly adorable, kind, sweet, funny, and all the girls fawned over him. But he only had eyes for me.

It’s hard to imagine that at 15, someone could be so amorous and chivalrous. Every day after school, he would come by to my school and wait at the gate with me till the driver showed up. He would call every evening and we’d stay on the phone in silence while we did our homework. He took me out to dinners (at Applebee’s, but still!), bought me gifts, wrote me love letters, and let everyone know that I was his only girl. In a matter of weeks, I was head over heels in love, and so was he.

We broke up three months later, thanks to girls and guys who tried (and succeeded) to break us up. To say I was devastated would be an understatement. Though our relationship was short-lived we always had a “thing” for each other. This “thing” continued for more than 10 years; we have no hard feelings towards each other and we stay in touch every once in a while and catch up through texts.

After everything I’ve been through in the years following my first relationship/true love experience, I still think about him and about how he had set the bar so high for the guys I’d eventually date after him. Sometimes, (and it’s kind of sad to admit) I still cry over him and the way he loved me. My 15 year-old self had no idea that with every passing year of my young adulthood, dating in Kuwait would only become a bigger nightmare. Little did I know I’d be faced with a plethora of commitment-phobes, elitists, players, and mama’s boys along the way.

People who know of me and First Love usually ask why we don’t “give it another shot”. As much as I want to, I’m smarter than that – years have molded and hammered us into entirely different people, and knowing myself, I would dive into a re-relationship with him expecting him to treat me the way he did more than 10 years ago. Who wouldn’t?

Are you still in touch with your first love? Would you give it another shot if you were given the chance?


5 thoughts on “When It All Began:

  1. L.L says:

    I came across your blog by accident when I was having – very-bored-to-death-at-work kind of moment and for some reason, it got me thinking about “the first love” experience and how a person grows out of it in a fascinating way into a more mature form of ourselves yet, remember almost every detail of it and becomes some sort of a base of comparison whenever a new person comes along.
    Unfortunately, my “first love” experience was horrific. We were such good friends at first and slowly it started growing into more than a friendship then into this controlling bubble of what it turned into more of an attachment, excessive obsession and lack of trust and respect from his side than anything else (what I realized later on) … so back to the main topic, thank GOD i am no longer in touch with this |creature|, that’s the only decent description I can think of, as it took years of cutting off to take him out of my life for good. I would never wanna go back to such a thing and would never want to try to mend it no matter how good of a person he has become or changed. As you said, we do grow up into completely different hopefully more mature people with completely different paths that may or may not meet. It is an experience to learn from of course, whether it was good or bad, but it sure did set a certain standard to look out for whenever you meet someone new. For me, it created some sort of a “scanning system” trying to look for someone who didn’t have certain qualities (that he had) before noticing their good characteristics. Now, I carefully try see the good in people first before I start judging.
    Keep it up and sorry for my long comment. Will definitely keep an eye on your posts xx


  2. Abdulaziz says:

    That is a very good question!

    Not a lot of people are still in touch, however my first love is more of a old friend of me that is fun to catch up to whenever we bump into each other!

    Shes a nice lady and the be honest Im happy that one day we had a thing together! 🙂


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