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Pretty sure many of you are wondering why I would start such a blog; I asked myself the same question several times.

It’s been a long time coming, but I realized that there are so many Kuwaiti women like myself: late 20’s, successful, intelligent, independent, beautiful, fun…. And single. And we all hear the same questions from other (read: married) women: “Why/how are you still single?”, “Have you found anyone yet?”, and my personal favorite, “Maybe you’re not trying hard enough?”.

After a while, these questions crawl beneath our skin, and without us realizing it, we ask ourselves the same questions and doubt ourselves, our achievements, our everything. All because we don’t have a stable relationship or a rock on our finger.

As Kuwaiti women, we deal with tons of social stigmas when it comes to love, dating, sex, sexuality, and marriage. This blog will untangle those knots, talk about experiences, and maybe (maybe) help us understand the Kuwaiti male to the best of our abilities. Let’s get to it!


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  1. yousef says:

    Good for you for doing this. Share with the world the truth about how a lot of us Kuwaitis have difficulties in dating and the issues that come of it. I’ve read all your posts and a lot of times I was in similar situations. Keep it going and hope you find that special someone and know that there are a lot of guys out there just like you in the same situation. 🙂


  2. abdullah says:

    Some interesting and brave remarks you are making here. From a guy prospective, i would agree with a lot the the things you were mentioning in last couple of posts. Still though, i believe that heritage, culture and religion are factors that do potentially play a massive role in a person’s relationship experience especially here in Kuwait. Having lived most of my life abroad ”thankfully” i have come to the conclusion that in Kuwait when it comes to relationships people tend to look at the finished product rather than the journey itself , which explains in my opinion the rocky perception of the marriage concept that isn’t based upon an intimate relationship with love and chemistry being deciding factors. So, yeah, i can totally understand how people like you with an above than average tolerance to essential human-being relationship prerequisites would struggle in such a community like i did …

    it would be interesting to see and read what your future posts will come up with …keep it up 🙂


    • Thank you so much for your comment!
      Recently, marriage has become more of a CV match than a personality/chemistry bond. It saddens me that divorce is so prevalent and easy these days. I will brush up on this topic later. 🙂

      Thank again!


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